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Knee Replacement Injury Lawsuits

When cartilage and bone in the knee joint become worn down or otherwise damaged, it can become very difficult and excruciatingly painful to walk or even move the knee. Knee arthroplasty, more commonly referred to as a knee replacement, is a procedure in which load-bearing portions of the knee are replaced by a metal implant. A plastic plate is then inserted between the thigh and calf bone to help the joint move. Unfortunately, the surgery can sometimes create more damage than it solves. If you are experiencing complications following a knee replacement, you are one of thousands of victims across the country, and may be entitled to financial compensation for the injuries you have suffered.

Complications from Defective Knee Replacements

Those who have experienced complications following a knee replacement often report the following:

  • Severe pain around the joint;
  • Chronic infection that won’t heal;
  • Strange noises coming from the replaced joint, such as clicking and grinding;
  • Chipping of the bones to which the knee replacements were attached;
  • Muscle and nerve damage;
  • Loosening of the knee replacement components;
  • Unusual movement in the knee;
  • Deep vein thrombosis, a potentially life-threatening blood clot in the leg; and
  • Severe rashes around the joint.

Defective Knee Replacement Lawsuits

In recent years, a large number of lawsuits have been filed against manufacturers of knee replacement components such as DePuy Orthopaedics and Zimmer Biomet. Lawsuits against the two companies allege that the manufacturers created a defective product which failed prematurely. A number of lawsuits also claim that the manufacturers knew of the risks associated with the knee replacement components, but failed to warn the public of these potential risks.

Lawsuits against Zimmer for their recalled NexGen knee replacement have been combined into a multi-district litigation, or MDL, which means that many similar lawsuits against Zimmer are being handled at one time. In February of 2018, Zimmer reached a settlement for the active cases against the company for its failed NexGen knee replacements, bringing over 300 cases to a close. Similarly, hundreds of lawsuits have been filed against DePuy for their Attune knee replacement.

Possible Compensation from a Products Liability Lawsuit

If you are the victim of a failed knee replacement due to a defective replacement component, you may be entitled to recover compensation for the suffering which you experienced. A products liability lawsuit can provide financial compensation, also known as “damages,” for injuries including:

  • Mounting medical bills which you may face from treating your injuries or undergoing subsequent surgery;
  • Income that you have lost due to inability to work after your complications;
  • Physical pain which you faced after the knee replacement failed; and
  • Emotional trauma which you experienced as a result of the failed knee replacement, including depression and anxiety.

Let Our Legal Team Help You

If you have had a knee replacement and are experiencing serious complications, the first thing that you should do is seek immediate medical attention. If a medical professional believes that your injuries are related to a defective knee replacement, you may have recourse against the manufacturer of the defective product.

With any products liability case, it is important to let an experienced professional handle your claim in order to ensure your best chance at a successful outcome. Don’t jeopardize your case by trying to fight your case alone; a novice is no match for a medical giant. Our team of attorneys at Ron Bell Injury Lawyers have years of experience fighting on behalf of victims who suffered at the hands of medical manufacturers. If you would like to learn more about defective knee replacement lawsuits, contact (505) 898-2355 today–our attorneys are standing by to help.

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